Fox F oxes:
Foxes are British natives with a UK winter adult population of 240,000.   Around 14 per cent live in towns and cities.  In the Spring, just after the cubs have been born, there are probably around 15,000 foxes within the M25.  The average litter is approximately 4.5 cubs, born in March after a 53 day gestation period.  Most cubs (certainly males) are driven off by their parents in the autumn to find their own territories.

The natural life span of foxes should be 10 - 12 years but most die before their second birthday.  In the countryside this high mortality is due to human persecution with dogs, snares and guns. For the urban fox the biggest killer is the motor car. The size of a fox family's territory is dependent on food supply.  For instance in the Highlands of Scotland where food is scarce, a fox's territory may extend to 40 square kilometres whereas in London it may be as small as 40 acres (say 80 to 100 gardens). The most common complaints about urban foxes are that they foul lawns and patios, dig holes in lawns and flower beds, burrow under fences and garden sheds, take up residence under school classrooms, take a pet rabbit or cause a nuisance by raucous screaming.

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