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The Mouse Stranglers by John Bryant is an exposure of the war on British wildlife being waged by pest controllers, game keepers, hunters, Government ministers, and even members of the public.

Published:    2014
Publisher:    John Bryant
Price:            9.95 plus p+p

Available directly from John Bryant and from Animal Aid.
Unearthing the Urban Fox by Trevor Williams and John Bryant provides practical advice on deterring foxes. It also fascinates with explanations for the animals' behaviour.

Foreward by BBC 'Spring Watch' presenter and naturalist Chris Packham:  
"A triumph - an honest, accurate, well-researched and practical guide to living with with foxes from both points of view."

Published:    2012
Publishers:    Foxolutions
Price:            7.95 plus p+p

ISBN 978-956961-0-2

Available from John Bryant and

Living With Urban Wildlife aims to assist individuals and families who find wild animals or birds causing them a genuine problem, but who wish to resolve matters without causing either pain or death to the culprits. For those who want to live with, rather than without, urban wildlife, this is the book to read.

Excerpt from the foreward by Pippa Greenwood:  
"At last there is an easy-to-read and fascinating book to help you make the right choices about urban wildlife, written by a man who really knows his stuff. He not only understands and explains clearly the life cycles and habits of many types of wildlife, but also has tremendous practical experience when it comes to persuading it to change those habits, or perhaps even move elsewhere. Living With Urban Wildlife is a book you will use time and time again."

Published:    May 2002
Publishers:    Centaur Press
Price:            9.95

ISBN 0 900001 49 6

Available at major bookshops and on line at

"Animal Sanctuary is a passionate and humane book about how animals behave if they are treated with decency and respect. John Bryant introduces us to many of the animals he encountered while manager of the Ferne Animal Sanctuary, and shows us how enormously the natural life of these animals differs from the life they experience in conventional farms or when they have to work for a living. Under his pen the animals become characters with their own personalities; and this gives the book its own special charm. Animal Sanctuary will be enjoyed by animal lovers everywhere, pointing as it does, the way to a more humane future."

Published:    Nov 1999
Publishers:   Centaur Press
Price:           8.99

ISBN 0 900001 43-7

Available at major bookshops and on line at

Fettered Kingdoms describes John Bryant's own animal rights philosophy reached through painful experience and compares it to the traditional "welfare" thinking. Many "animal lovers" will be shocked by his views on animals - particularly pets. Some members of 'animal liberation' groups will also take little comfort from his attack on some of their tactics. But his twenty years experience includes being a hunt saboteur, a Council member and vice Chairman of the RSPCA, manager of an animal sanctuary for eight heart breaking years, appearing in court charged with 'receiving' two 'smoking beagles', serving as Chairman of Animal Aid's Council for four years and then as a full time official of the League Against Cruel Sports. There can be few who are better qualified in their subject.

First Published:   1982
Second Edition:   1983
Revised Edition:   1990
Now out of print.

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